1. Check your makeup in different kinds of lighting! Whether you do your makeup in your bathroom, in your bedroom, or in your car in a rush to get where you are going! It is vital you look to see what your makeup looks like in different lighting, because in your bathroom the lighting may make your makeup look seamless, but once you expose your face to the natural light you can see that you went to intense with the contour today!

2. How To Get Mascara off your eyelids or even your face! Mascara has this wonderful way of making our eyes pop! But have you ever touched your face with the mascara wand? Or after applying the mascara you blink and it touches the perfectly blended eyeshadow? Well if travisty occurs, then let the mascara dry on, yes just let it sit there and dry completely. Once it has dried down, now you can take a spoolie or a eyebrow brush and flick the mascara off!

3. Save your mascara wands! After you have used every last drop in your favorite mascara, most of us just throw away the whole tube. But before you do that, wash the wand with warm water and soap. Now you have a clean and dry wand that can be used as a spoolie or a eyebrow brush to blend your brows. You can keep it on stand by so when you accidentally touch your eye with mascara you can flick it off! Or if you love the style, and shape of this want you can reuse it in a new mascara bottle!

4. Have Your Lipstick Last! To have your lipstick last through the night, or throughout day of running around, there is a hack for you! First you should always prep your lips with a nice lip scrub, then follow up with your favorite lip balm! Once your lips are nice and prepped, apply your favorite lipstick, then place a tissue over your lips and sweep translucent powder over your lips! The translucent powder is colorless, so you don’t have worry about the powder changing your lip color!

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